Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thomas and Ann Griffin Tyler

G7 Thomas Tyler was born about 1770 in Chelsley, Worchestershire, England, of parents Thomas Tyler, 1737-1802, 2YGB-DXW and Mary Pearks, 1741-Deceased, 2YGB-DFK who is EOL.  Paternal grandparents G9 Benjamin Tyler, 1707-1761, LC87-YYJ and Anne Rowley, 1711-1776, LC87-YBX are also EOL.
G7 Ann Griffin was born about 1774 in Astley, Worchestershire, England, daughter of G8 William Griffin and Hannah Lane.  G8 William Griffin’s father could be G9 William Griffin, 1728-1777, KV2R-VHL, but Mrs William Griffen, 1654-1693, L4QF-4CQ could not have been his mother.  (FSFT mods were done by FamilySearch.  SAH deleted the couple relationship with explanation given – this needs work, and EOL research, source docs.)  Hannah Lane has 3-5 additional generations of identified ancestry on multiple lines as shown on FSFT then all go EOL, so lots more research to do. 

Thomas and Ann had 6 children, including Elizabeth Tyler, born 5 Sep 1817.  

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