Wednesday, October 22, 2014

“Run of the Mill” – Famous and Infamous – All Are Alike Unto God

Most of our ancestors are not famous, but are “run of the mill” every day people of their times and locales, often humble and poor by modern standards.  Here and there someone or some family rose above the norm, prospered above average, or achieved greater prominence, but most lived lives of relative obscurity beyond their own families and neighbors, getting along, getting by, with times of joy amid times of hardship, like most of us, experiencing the vicissitudes of life. 

Those who responded to the invitation to come unto Christ and enter into the New and Everlasting Covenant made choices that blessed their lives spiritually and enriched the lives of their posterity forever.  To them, and to all of our progenitors, we are indebted.  They were not only co-creators with God in bringing us into mortality, but helped us get on the path to eternal life. 

My prayer is that we will all receive and act upon the Gifts our Heavenly Father has provided to help us grow up, to learn to exercise our individual agency to make wise choices, to follow the best set of instructions, guidelines, and invitations available in all the universe, to grow in faith, meekness, humility, purity, kindness, and charity, to partake of the divine nature, the attributes of godliness, following the Savior in submitting to the will of the Father, to fulfill the measure of our creation, grace for grace, eventually becoming all that our Heavenly Parents desire for us.  

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