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John Arnold Descendants Contributed By Herb Flindt • 2013-08-05

JOHN ARNOLD John Arnold was born about 1585 in England; coming to America he was made a Freeman at Cambridge, Mass. May 6, 1635. (Ref. Vol. 3 of Conn. Gen., P. 1349). Going on to Connecticut in Rev. Hooker's company, he became one of the original proprietors of Hartford in 1639. (Ref. First Church of Hartford.) In 1662 two men bought a strip of ground on both sides of the Connecticut River, later known as Haddam and East Haddam. This purchase was taken over by 28 settlers. (Ref.Haddam and East Haddam, by D. D. Fields). One of those settlers was Joseph Arnold,born 1625 in England, son of John Arnold. He became the ancestor of the Arnolds of East Haddam. His son, John, born 1664 was the father of Gideon, born 1702. Gideon was the father of Daniel, born 1731, who was the father of Ruth, born July 31, 1768. She married James Gardner Miller on August 27, 1798. Thus was merged the Arnold and Miller blood that was perpetuated through their sons, Henry W., born May 1st, 1807, and Daniel Arnold, born August 11th, 1809; also James David born Sept. 27, 1812. These children were born in New York. Rev. Hooker was a Puritan Minister, he founded churches in Connecticut. Gideon and Daniel were Deacons in those churches. Additional References: The two hundredth Anniversary of The First Congregational Church of East Haddam. History of The Members of the Church, Oct. 1417,1900. Arnold History by Homer Brainard. Transcript Brochure in the Library of the Connecticut Historical Society.

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