Monday, October 20, 2014

Edmund Z and Anna Clementina Hawkins Carbine

Edmund was born 15 Sep 1864 in Farmington, Davis, UT, son of William Van O and Susan Hulda Miller Carbine.  He was baptized
Anna Clementina Hawkins was born 6 Apr 1865 in Near Plan City, Weber, UT, daughter of William Carroll Hawkins and Henrietta C C Germer.  She was baptized
They were married on 21 Apr 1886 in Logan, UT, when he was 21 and she was 21. 

Anna Clementina Hawkins (dress story):  [“Annie was my husband’s great grandmother, his mother’s mother’s mother.”  Check author]  When she was newly wed, she and her husband moved into their first little cabin in newly settled Marsh Valley, south of Pocatello, Idaho.  Her daughter tells the story.  “Shortly after they had arrived and weren’t unpacked, Arnold Miller and his wife came calling and Mother wasn’t very presentable as her dress was quite soiled.  She told Father to talk to them while she got into a clean dress.  She wasn’t able to find anything handy, so she appeared in the same old dress.  After they had gone, she (asked her husband), ‘What did you tell them?’  (He) said, ‘I told them Annie has gone to put on a clean dress.’  (She then) said, ‘Oh, Ed!  You surely didn’t tell them that.  They will wonder what the dress I took off looked like!’”

He died 26 Sep 1926 in Mesilla Park, Dona Ana, NM, at the age of 62.  She died 18 years later on 5 Jun 1944 in Fabens, El Paso, TX, at the age of 79.  

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