Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Hepworth Family

In the Spring of 1820, the future first converts of the Hepworth family, Joseph Hepworth, was 3 years old, living with his 35-year old father, Richard, his 29-year old mother, Hannah Wilkinson Hepworth, and his 8-year old sister Mary, probably in a rural area on the southwestern outskirts of modern Leeds, UK.  Mary Hurst, who will marry Joseph Hepworth in 1836 when she will be 15 and he 19, will be born on 8 Nov 1820, so in the Spring of 1820 she was forming in the womb of her 36-year old mother, Jane Dunwell Hurst, who was married on 9 Sep 1814 to John George Hurst when he was 20 and she was 30.  John George Hurst is a 25-year old father of 4-year old Samuel, all living in the general neighborhood of the Hepworths in the Leeds area.  At least 3 of Mary Hurst Hepworth’s grandparents were alive in the Spring of 1820, with many years still left in mortality.  

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