Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Abraham and Ursula Curtis Durfee

Sealed Parents
Sealed Spouse
Abraham Durfee – 6th gen
1839, 5/1934
22 Feb 1935
5 May 1853
31 May 1952
Ursula Curtis Durfee – 6th gen
11 Jun 1931 P
11 Jun 1931 SL
5 May 1853
4 Jan 1882

Synchronizing these family histories will gradually happen as we edit out redundancy while making sure the story is complete. 

The story of Abraham and Ursula and their children is being developed within the context of the family of Levi Curtis, the father of Ursula.  This includes the stories of Mahala Ruth Durfee, born 17 May 1850, in Carterville, Pottowattomie, IA, daughter of Abraham Durfee and Ursula Curtis, and Samuel Parker, Jr., son of Samuel Parker, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Gifford. 

Hopefully, some of my distant cousins who are descended from the rest of Edmund and Lana Durfee’s children as well as those descended from Abraham and Ursula Durfee’s Abraham (Abrum) Augustus Durfee, 1852-1916, KWJ8-67W, and Ursula Jane Durfee, 1857-1933, KWNJ-DG9, as well as the children of Abraham and Mary Turner Durfee, will help compile life stories to integrate into this overall family history.  There is a huge family of descendants now living around the Kingdom.  Those who are active Latter-day Saints have an opportunity to join in reaching out to rescue the others wherever remotely possible this side of the veil.  We can be confident that the rescuing effort continues on the other side of the veil, but the more we do here, the better, right?

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