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Family of Benjamin and Sybil Amidon Chapman (parents of Welcome Chapman and Family of Elisah and Amelia Milly Matson Risley (parents of Susan Amelia Risley Chapman)

·         Welcome Chapman born 24 Jul 1805, married 1829  (age 24), 14@FV, baptized 1834? (age 29), died 9 Dec 1893 (age 88), Fountain Green, Sanpete, UT.
·         Susan Amelia Risley born 24 Aug 1807, married 1829 (age 22), 12@FV, baptized 1834? (age 27), died 18 Feb 1888 (age 81), Fountain Green, Sanpete, UT.

Benjamin and Sibyl Amidon Chapman

Benjamin Chapman was born 1781 in Reedsboro, Bennington County, Vermont, son of Throope Chapman and Deborah Willson.  Sibyl Amidon was born 31 Dec 1783 in Douglas, Worcester, MA, daughter of Samuel Amidon and Ruth Wood.  They were married 9 Sep 1802 when he was 21 and she was 18.  They had 19 children, including Welcome Chapman born 24 Jul 1805.  We do not know when or where they died.  They were baptized by proxy 10 Jan 1931.  He was endowed 22 Jan 1931, she on 5 Mar 1931.  They were sealed to spouse on 21 Nov 1955. 


Chapmans arrived in Massachusetts from England via Ireland with the arrival of G12 Benjamen Chapman 1621-1650 of England and son G11 Thomas Chapman 1649-1687.  Their sir name changed from G13 Sir Arthur Champernowne 1524-1578 who was born and died in Dartingdon, Devonshire, England.  G26 Jordan de Champernon ~1096 was among the Normans of France who settled England.  His wife, Mabel Soligny was great granddaughter to Henry I King of England 1068-1135.   Some “royal” lines intermarry and move around between Scotland and France and to Norway and Finland and Denmark and some go back to Laomedon King of Troy, circa 1200 BC, in Greek Mythology.  Some are Saxons from Germany.  Some lived in Spain, in Hungary, Africa, etc.  Some were Vandals, Goths, etc.  Among the more famous is G52 Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus (Constantine The Great) 94RF-J43, born 02/27/272 in Naissus, Dardania, Moesia, died 05/22/337 in Nicomedia.  And these are just some of the branch lines off the Chapman line. 
G12 Richard Risley 1590-1648 left Lancashire, England and settled in Hartford, Connecticut.  G12 Thomas Savage 1611-1682 and G11 son John Savage 1630-1684 left England and died in Massachusetts and Connecticut respectively.  The Savage line goes back to G33 Thomas le Savage born 1000 in Normandy, France who is EOL.  Hundreds of other lines of this family’s ancestry need to be reviewed for histories and researched for source docs and EOL breakthroughs. 

Elizur and Amelia Matson Risley

Elizur Risley was born 22 Dec 1779 in E. Hartford, CT, son of Jonathan Risley and Pheobe Deming.  Amelia Matson was born 6 Jan 1781 in Of Brookefield, Madsn., NY, daughter of Thomas Matson and Mary Goodrich.  They were married 21 Oct 1800 when he was 20 and she was 19.  They had 12 children, including Susan Amelia, born 24 Aug 1807.  He died 13 Sep 1841 in Hubbardsville, Madison, NY, at the age of 61.  She died 17 Mar 1868 in Madison County, NY, at the age of 87.  He was baptized by proxy 23 Oct 1937, she on 1 Apr 1935.  He was endowed 27 Oct 1937, she on 24 Jun 1935.  They were sealed to spouse 23 Aug 1939. 

Welcome and Susan Amelia Risley Chapman
Was he baptized 1834?
Was she baptized 1834?        
Welcome was born on the 24th of July, 1805, the same year Joseph Smith, Jr. was born on December 19.  He was born in Readsboro, Bennington, Vermont, just above the Massachusetts border, ~100 miles south and east of Sharon, VT, where the Prophet Joseph was born.  He may have been the 4th child of 11 children born to Benjamin Chapman and Sybil Amidon, who were each 21 when he was born. 

Welcome was also from multigenerational American families in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War.   

Welcome and Susan were 24 and 22 when they married.  They were only 14 and 12 when the boy Joseph saw the Father and the Son in 1820. 

As near as we can determine, in our ancestry, Welcome and Susan and family were the 4th First Convert family to join the Church.  

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