Monday, October 20, 2014

Family of Daniel Arnold and Clarissa Pond Miller

·         Daniel Arnold Miller born 11 Aug 1809, 10@FV, married 29 Dec 1833 (age 24), baptized 8 Sep 1839 (age 30), died 4 Dec 1881 (age 72), Providence, Cache, UT.
·         Clarissa Pond Miller born 18 Jan 1806, 14@FV, married 29 Dec 1833 (age 27), baptized 1839, (age 33), died 1 Sep 1844 (age 38), Carthage, IL.

Daniel Miller is an 8th generation American, with immigrant ancestors including:
Gregory Belcher, b 1606, England
Elizabeth Vassal, b 1717, Jamaica
Ruth Gale, b 1685, Jamaica
John Arnold, b 1585, England
John Wakeman, b 1601, England
Thomas Meakins, b ~1585, England
John Wilcox, b 1595, England
Sarah Wilcox, b ~1584, England
Daniel Brainerd, b 1638, England
Gerard Spencer, b 1614, England
Hannah Mills, b 1618, England
Richard Bushnell, b 1623, England
Francis Bushnell, Sr. b 1580, England
Mary Grombridge, b 1605, England
Marie Mary Marvin, b 1628, England
Thomas Leffingwell, b 1624, England
Mary White, b 1624, England
Samuel Hale, b 1615, England
Mary Smith, b 1628, England
Ann Bellows, b ~1616, England
Thomas Roberts, b 1595, England
Peter Mallory, b 1627, England
Marie Preston, b 1629, England
William Preston, b 1591, England
Robert Seabrook, b 1576, England
Alice Goodspeed, b 1576, England
And a number of others unknown to us yet who came earlier

Ancestry file goes back to Adam and Eve through Judah and Tamar, 24G from Adam.  Judah and Tamar’s son Zarah Zerah Aara Breogan Ibn Judah, born 1565 BC, Judea, Caanan had a son, Dara (Dardanus,Darda) Acadia Founder of Troy; King of Troy, born 1477 BC, Troy, Turkey, followed by 30 generations of kings of Troy to Frithuwulf King of Troy, LNZN-2QF, born 146 in Asgard, Troy, Turkey.  His son was Freothalaf King of Trojans, LJJ9-TCG, born 168 in Asgard, Troy, Turkey.  His son was Yngvi Freyr King in Sweden, LDC7-NYS, born 193 in Nortuna, Vastmanland, Sweden, 58 generations from Adam.  3 more generations followed in Sweden, then Geberich King of the West Goths
9XXR-67V, born 287 in Ukraine, died about 349.  Then two generations to Athanaric II Modaharius Des Wisigoths, LCC8-H1B, born about 300, of Thrace, Medieval States, died 25 January 0381, Constantinople, Turkey.  Then Rocesthes of the Visigoths, 21RP-NWG, born 320, in Cosenza, Calabria, Italy, died about 399, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy.  Two more generations to Gondicaire de Suevi, LCJX-68C, born about 394 of, Austria, Germany followed by Gunderic, KGCN-G7R, born about 390, Bourgogne, France, died 472, Septimanie, France, followed by three more generations in France, then Gondoald Agilolfinges, L87H-PNB, born Bayern, Germany, died France, then two more in France to Charles "The Hammer" Martel Mayor of Palace In Austrasia, M1H6-5XF, born 23 August 0676, in Heristal, Liege, Belgium, died in Quierzy, Aisne, Picardie, France.  Then Comte de Toulouse Guilhelm William Theuderic de Gellone, LZVM-DM2, born 760, in Toulouse, Haute, France, died 28 May 812, Gellone Monastery, Languedoc, France, then

Pippin * (Carloman), Italy [King of Italy], 9C65-M7R, born Apr 0773 Of Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia, died 8 Jul 0810, Milan, Milan, Italy.  Then 10 generations in France to Hugh "The Great" De Crepi, 9ZHW-57P, born Abt 1050, Of, Vermandois, Normandy, France, died 18 Oct 1102, Tarsus, Cilicie (modern Turkey).  Then Earl William II De Warenne (Warren), L71L-VFF, born 1081, Lewes Castle, Sussex, England, died 11 May 1138, England, 87 generations from Adam.  Then 17 generations in England to Richard Booth, L61B-YVH, born 15 June 1578, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England, died 28 March 1628, Barrow, Cheshire, England.  Then his son Richard Booth, KN74-TB5, born 5 MAR 1606, Great Budnarth, Cheshire, England, died March 1688, Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States was followed by 6 generations of Americans to Lovisa Miner who married Thadeus Pond and had Clarissa, followed by 5 more generations to Scott Hepworth, 117 generations from Adam.  

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