Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Babbitt Family

In the Spring of 1820, the future first converts of the Babbitt family were also very small children.  Scott’s G7 Thomas Tyler LHCZ-72Z had married G7 Ann Griffin LZVD-RHP ~1794 in Welland, Worchestershire, England and had G6 Elizabeth Tyler KWVW-D2M in 5 Sep 1817 in Ashley, Worcester, England.

Elizabeth Tyler was 2 years old, living with her 50-year old father Thomas Tyler and her 36-year old mother, Ann Griffin Tyler, and their family of 4 or 5 living children, Elizabeth’s older siblings, in Astley, Worchestershire, England, which is over 100 miles south and a bit west of Leeds, 25 miles southwest of Birmingham, 130 miles northwest of London.   Thomas Tyler and Ann Griffin were married 28 May 1805, when Thomas was 35 and Ann was 21. 

Henry William Babbitt was 5 years old, living with his 33-year old father Robert Bobbett and his 42-year old mother, Hester Goodin Bottett, and 13-year old brother, Richard, in Ashcott, Somersetshire, England, 130 miles west of London, 30 miles south of Bristol.  Henry’s paternal grandparents were still alive, living also in Ashcott, in the Spring of 1820.  Grandpa Robert Bobbett died 2 ½ years before the Church was organized in 1830, but Grandma Hester Bobbett lived until the year the Saints were first driven from Nauvoo, 1846.

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