Monday, October 20, 2014

Miller Brothers - Henry, Daniel and James Contributed By Herb Flindt • 2013-08-05

THE MILLER BROTHERS When Henry Miller became of age, having learned the trade of a carpenter he, along with his brother, Daniel A. who was two years younger, started West. When their mother, Ruth Arnold Miller, died on September 7th, 1816, their home life was somewhat disrupted. Arriving at Chicago, then just a trading post, they took employment which paid them well and was of assistance to them in buying property down–state—Quincy, Illinois being the city they selected in Adams County. Here they built a mill which was operated by them for some time to a good advantage. Here Henry married Elmira Pond on June 19, 1831, she having come here from Ohio with her parents. When Elmira's first child was born on September 25, 1832, her sister, Clarisa, came to care for her. Here she met Daniel A. Miller and later they were married. Since the brothers had married sisters, they were able to operate upon a partnership basis in a most desirable manner most of their lives. It was while they were operating here that Abraham Lincoln came to Quincy to organize a company to go against an Indian uprising known as the Blackhawk War of 1832 and 1840. Henry offered his services and had a close association with Lincoln as a result, After Lincoln became president of the United States, Henry would often tell his children how he and Lincoln displayed their physical prowess in feats of strength, especially wrestling. They were of similar physiques, though Lincoln was a few inches taller. Some time during the 1830's James Gardner Miller and his youngest son, James David, born Sept. 27, 1812, left New York for Illinois to join the other boys. Here James David died Aug. 30, 1839 as a result of overexertion in a grain cradling contest. He left a wife and two daughters and a son, Benjamin. His daughters were Adaline, Minerva, and Sarah. His wife was Adaline Pearson.

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