Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Graham Family

In the Spring of 1820, the oldest of the future first converts of the Graham family was 25-year old Christianna Gregory Reed, then married for just over one year to 24-year John Haines Reed, and living in Lower Evesham, Burlington County, New Jersey, on the eastern outskirts of Philadelphia, across the Delaware River, in New Jersey, just over 300 miles southeast of Palmyra, NY.  Christianna had just given birth to their first child, George “G” Read on 3 Feb 1820, so they just had a small infant son in Spring of 1820, and he only lived to be six years old. 

Hannah Tucker Reed was born one year after this last dispensation began.  She was followed by five more children, including one that died very young. 

29 Sep 1832, just 2 ½ years after the Church was organized in 1830, at age 37, John Reed died, leaving Christianna a widow with five living children of seven born to them, 11-year old Hannah Tucker, 8-year old Samuel J., 6-year old Mary Ellen, 4-year old John Haines, and almost 2-year Christianna Rachel.

Christianna Gregory Reed was baptized 1 Apr 1843.  Hannah Tucker Reed was baptized 18 Sep 1843.  

James Graham was 15 years old in Spring of 1820, probably still living with his father and step mother, who had married in Ireland then immigrated with 4-year old James, and by Spring 1820, were living with four younger children (of 9 born since arrival in U.S.), in Pleasanthill, New Castle, Delaware, about 300 miles mostly south and a bit east of Palmyra, and some 60 miles southwest of Evesham, New Jersey, where Reeds were living.  

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