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Our Family History in This Last Dispensation

Being compiled by Scott Hepworth, 3 Aug 1949, son of Joseph Leland Hepworth (19 first convert ancestors) & Anna Mae Graham (13 first convert ancestors) – subject to ongoing research and edit

Why Do This?                                                                                                          
The Greatest Purpose                                                                                       
What’s in a Name?                                                                                          
“Run of the Mill” – Famous and Infamous – All Are Alike Unto God               
Where We Start and How We Procede                                                            
Who Really Cares?                                                                                          
Patience and Perseverence                                                                               
Tasks at Hand                                                                                                 
1820 Ancestors in pedigree chart order from top to bottom                             
List of 32 First Converts in order of baptism                                                   
Geographic Distribution – starting with those closest to Palmyra                   
Spring 1820 Family Introductions – starting with those baptized first               
How We Connect Chronologically in This Dispensation                               
1820-1839, Early Church History: 5 Families and 11 First Converts
Family of Alpheus and Anna Nash Gifford                                                     
Family of Enos and Ruth Franklin Curtis                                                         
Family of Edmund and Magdalena (Lana) Pickle Durfee                                      
Family of Welcome Susan Amelia Risley Chapman                                     
Family of Josiah Wilson and Pernecia Jane Lee Adair Hawkins                                
1840-1850, Nauvoo Period and Exodus: 5 Families of 10 First Converts          
Family of John and Eliza Roberts Cox                                                                 
Family of Daniel Arnold and Clarissa Pond Miller                                        
Family of Edmund Zebulon and Adelia Rider Carbine                                       
Family of James, Hannah Tucker Reed, Christianna Gregory Graham                
Family of William and Margaret Pettigreen Hope Williams                           
1850-1860, After Saints in the West: 5 Families of 11 First Converts             
Family of Joseph and Mary Hurst Hepworth                                                  
Family of Henry William and Elizabeth Tyler Babbitt                                     
Family of Johann Martien Jochim and Maria Catharina Faasch Germer        
Families of John Bradley, Susan Arbon Catmull, Thomas, Mary Chandler    
Griffin/Wilson Families (Lorraine’s ancestry)                                                
General, National, World History                                                                   
Index of Contributors                                                                                     
Appendices, Bibliography, Index, etc.                                                            
Vision of this Project, this Ongoing Work                                                      

Next steps:
1.         Share with family, then contributors, emailed Word file and Google Drive.  Sent 11/6/13.
2.         Continue to research, fact-check, edit and add more posted stories and photos from FSFT. 
3.         Zero in on a particular family, e.g., Williams, and with the help of a direct descendant collaborator, develop their story.
4.         Develop all family stories, expanding family summaries (pp. 14-22), using sequence (pp. 22-28), adding other children and spouses, per FSFT, adding from, integrating story line content from life stories (pp. 35-363), adding as more are posted. 
5.         Handle increasing volume as certain families and time periods, 1820-1830, 1830-1840, 1840-1850, 1850-1900, expand ahead of others, perpetually editing, separating volumes for families of first converts in:
1.         Leland’s ancestry, 7 families, 4 early, 1 mid, 2 later, _____pp.
2.         Anna Mae’s ancestry, 8 families, 5 mid, 3 later, _____pp.
3.         Lorraine’s ancestry, 7 families, recent, _____pp.
6.         Add facts re:  growth of Church, RKM and I from HCK & AG, our Nauvoo photos, stories from new Library, experiences of families converted in each of three periods, early (4),  mid 6), and later (5).

7.         Three concurrent themes:  (1) working for a living, (2) laboring for Zion, and (3) making choices to grow up to the Lord.

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