Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Catmull and Chandler Families

In the Spring of 1820, none of the future first converts of the Catmull/Chandler families were born yet.  These are the last four first converts in our family history, and for the first time, several of their progenitors were raising their families in the Spring of 1820. 

While Susan Arbon was not born until 30 May 1831, over a year after the Church was organized, in Spring of 1820 her 39-year old father, James Arbon and her 33-year old mother, Elizabeth Newman Arbon, were living with their 4 living children, ages 2 to 9, in Graveley, Cambridgeshire, England, 60 miles north of London. 

And while John Bradley Catmull was not born until 1827, his parents, in the Spring of 1820 were 27-year old William Catmull, who then with his first wife, Ann Betts, had a 4-year old named William Betts Catmull (who would later move and die in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia), while John’s 15-year old mother was still with her parents, 40-year old John Bradley and 36-year old Sophia Green, and their 2-year old James Bradley, having lost several other children, living in Huntingdon near Graveley.  After his first wife died in 1826, William Catmull married Mary Ann Bradley and their first child was John Bradley Catmull, who on 13 Oct 1851 would marry Susan Arbon and have their children, including Mary (Polly) Ann Catmull, on 19 Apr 1857 in Graveley.  When their granddaughter, Mary (Polly) Ann Catmull, was born in Graveley, her Grandpa and Grandma Arbon were 76 and 69, so they knew her and watched her grow in her early years.  They would live to be 83 and 81, dying in Graveley.  At the age of 17, Mary (Polly) Ann Catmull, on 17 Sep 1874, married 23-year old Thomas Chandler who had been born 14 Apr 1851. 

In Spring 1820, Thomas Chandler’s grandparents were having their families.  His Grandpa and Grandma Chandler were 46-year old William Chandler and 31-year old Ann Dickenson Chandler, living in Huntingdon, England, near Graveley.  They had lost their 4-year old Elizabeth 7 years previous, but by Spring of 1820, they had 5-year old John Chandler, who would at age 27 marry 19-year old Hannah Tack who joined her family in 1823.  In Spring of 1820, her parents, 21-year old Thomas Tack and 22-year old Jane Sawyer were not yet married.  They will marry the day after Christmas 1821 and have Hannah in 1823.  

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