Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Williams Family

Scott’s G6 William Williams M8ZF-YRB had married G6 Charlotte Bolten LC5L-HS9 2 Jul 1786 in London and had G5 William Williams KWNF-SZ6 7 Dec 1826 in Kemeys Commander, Monmouth, England.

In the Spring of 1820, the future first converts of the Williams and Hope families were not yet born, the first of our first converts not to be alive in 1820.  G5 William Williams, Jr. was born in 1827, and G5 Margaret Pettigreen Hope was born in 1833.  William Williams, Jr.’s parents, 34-year old William Williams, Sr. and 25-year old Charlotte Bolten Williams might have been married, but had not yet conceived their first child, Jane Williams, born 8 Sep 1821, in Kemeys Commander, Monmouth, England, which is in Wales, about 40 southwest of Deerhurst, England, where John Cox’s family was then living. 

Kemeys Commander is about 30 northeast of Cardiff on the Bristol Channel and about 30 miles northwest of Bristol over the Severn River. 

William, Jr’s grandfather, William Williams, b ~1760 in Wales, is shown on FSFT to have lived to the age of 78, making him 60 years old in 1820. 

Margaret Pettigreen Hope’s parents, Thomas Hope and Martha Harris Hope, married when they were 20 and 19, in Spring of 1820 were living in Bristol each at the age of 25, having had one girl, Mary Green, who lived to maturity, and two little boys who did not. 

In the years that followed 1820, Hopes would have three more girls, two who lived to maturity, Susanah Elizabeth Hope in 1823 and ten years later, Margaret Pettigreen Hope. 

Susanah Elizabeth, b 5 Jan 1823 in Bristol, in 1847 in Wales married Philip Tucker of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England (20 miles southeast of Bristol, on past Bath).  They had three children in Bristol, two who lived to maturity and immigrated later with Margaret Pettigreen and William Williams, Jr., but got discouraged after arriving in St. Louis, and ended up staying in Hannibal, MO where Tuckers all lived and died.  Tuckers had 2 more boys and 2 more girls, one girl, Annie E. living to maturity, marrying a man from New York named Philip H. Knighton, with whom she had a son, Milton R. Knighton, who lived (no spouse or children shown) until Apr 1971, dying in Hannibal, MO.   Hannibal, MO is about 20 miles down the Mississippi River from Quincy, IL and less than 70 down river from Nauvoo.  Any descendants know more of their story?

Margaret Pettigreen Hope, b 19 Jan 1833 in Bristol, married William Williams, Jr. 7 Feb 1852 after both joined the Church and then with William’s brother Thomas and the Tuckers, sailed to New Orleans, then up to St. Louis.  Williams crossed the plains and made it to Hyrum, Cache, UT and before passing away at age 64 in Zion, had ten children, 6 living to maturity, Margaret Hope Williams, 1855-1926, KWZ6-1MP; Martha Jane Williams, 1858-1914, KWCH-DSY; Finnetta Ann Williams, 1860-1943, KWCT-6FN; Thomas George Williams, 1862-1938, KWC5-D3J; William Albert Williams, 1864-1923, KWJT-LBY; Harriet Charlotte Williams, 1870-1918, KWCF-K6C.

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