Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Robert and Hester Goodin Bobbett

G7 Robert Bobbett was born 12 October 1787, Ashcott, Somerset, England, United Kingdom, to parents G8 Richard Bobbett, born 4 August 1756, Ashcott, Somersetshire, England, and G8 Hester Ester Gasden, born 1753, Somersetshire, England who is EOL.  Robert’s paternal grandparents, G9 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bobbett are EOL.   
G7 Hester Goodin was born Abt 1778, England, died 1860, Ashcott, Somersetshire, England.  Her parents, shown as G8 Thomas Medlom, Deceased, K2LS-XZM and G8 Ann Main, 1754-Deceased, K2LS-XZS, are both EOL on latest FSFT.  Obvious question about maiden name for Hester Goodin.  Source docs?
Their children are shown to be Richard Babbitt Bobbitt, 1807-1885, LCTW-ZGP, Samuel Bobbett, 1813-Deceased, K66P-LK8, G6 Henry William Babbitt, 1815-1867, MG5X-9PR, and Martha Bobbett, 1820-1912, LZGR-VJ4. 

These lines obviously need considerable research.

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