Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Carbine Family

In the Spring of 1820, near the Catskills, 10 miles west of the Hudson River, at Cairo, Greene County, NY, the future first converts of the Carbine family, 22-year old Edmund Zebulon Carbine and 18-year Adelia Rider were just 3 years from being married 70 miles south in Hamptonburgh, Orange, County, NY, near the Goshen birth place of Adelia’s mother, Julia Aner Horton.  Edmund was caring for his 46-year mother, Mary Crocker, who had been a widow for almost 20 years, since Edmund’s father Zebulon’s death in 1800 at age 25, when he was killed in the raising of a barn, and was buried after the Masonic Order.  Edmund was 2 years and 8 months old when his father was killed.  Edmund’s mother lived to the age of 73, dying at Windham, Greene Country, NY, about 15 miles west of Cairo. 

Similarly, Adelia’s 44-year old father, National Rider, had lost his wife, Adelia’s mother, Julia Aner Horton Rider, at age 25, on Adelia’s 5th birthday, 13 years prior to 1820.  Adelia was an only child.  Adelia’s father married again when Adelia was 17 to Elizabeth Preston from Connecticut.  National Rider lived to age 70, dying in Greenville, Greene County. 

Edmund’s grandfather Francis Carbine, born in Ludgvan, Cornwall, England, near the far southeastern tip of England that extends out into the Celic Sea, had immigrated to the U.S. and near Albany, NY, married Mary Stout, originally from New Jersey, and had daughter Eleanor and son Zebulon while living near Albany, NY.  Edmund’s grandparents, Francis Carbine and Mary Stout Carbine, and William Crocker and Ann Hudson, had all four passed away before 1820. 

Zebulon, Edmund’s father, married Mary Crocker, both at age 19, and settled and had their children in Cairo, Greene County, NY, some 30 miles southwest of Albany, and over 200 miles east of Palmyra, NY, until Zebulon was killed at age 25.

Three of Adelia’s 4 grandparents were still alive in 1820.  Job Rider was 67 and Elizabeth Waite was 69, and living not far away in the Albany area.  David Horton was dead, but Temperance Owens was 75, probably living very nearby in Windham, Green County.  

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