Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Cox Family

In the Spring of 1820, the future first converts of the Cox family, 9-year old John Cox and 3-year old Eliza Roberts lived at home with their parents, both in Deerhurst, England, John with his 43-year old father, William Cox, and his 40-year old mother, Elizabeth Turner Cox, and Eliza with her 44-year old father, Samuel Roberts and her 46-year old mother, Mary Margrate, who had married when they were 26 and 27, and died when 83 and 66, after having 9 children, 7 that lived to maturity. 

William Cox and Elizabeth Turner married when they were 37 and 34 and died when 51 and 68.

John was the 4th child of ten born to his parents, seven by 1820, but besides John, only younger sisters, Comfort, b 1825, Mary Ann, b 1826, and Ann, b 1839, are shown to have had children.

John’s father, William, and William’s father had been born in Deerhurst as well, as was John’s mother, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s father was also nearby there in Gloucestershire.  

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