Monday, October 20, 2014

Samuel and Mary Margrate Roberts

Samuel Roberts was born 3 Sep 1775 in Deerhurst, Gloucester, England, son of William Roberts and Mary Hampton.  Mary Margrate was born 7 Apr 1774 in Deerhurst, daughter of George Margrate and Susannah unknown.  They were married 6 Oct 1801 in Deerhurst.  They had maybe 16 children, maybe 9 of whom lived to older life, including Levi, born 10 May 1810, and Eliza, born Jun 1816.  Mary died 3 Dec 1840 at the age of 66.  Samuel died 27 Feb 1859, at the age of 83. 

Samuel and Mary were baptized by proxy, he 28 Jan 1913, she 9 Jun 1931, endowed, he 23 Feb 1922, she 29 Jun 1931, sealed to spouse 21 Aug 1969, and sealed to parents 1 Jul 2002.

Before sharing what we know about John Cox and Eliza Roberts, what follows is what is available on FSFT for other offspring of the Cox and Roberts lines. 

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