Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Patience and Perseverence

All recording of history is fraught with potential for errors that need to be corrected as corrections can be made.  By its nature, history is always incomplete, with much more that can be added.  Hence, this endeavor will go on and on, at least until the real Book of Life is finally completed. 

May this effort inspire much more extended family interest in gathering and posting on FSFT more stories and photos and crucial source documentation to correct and clarify many details, to be sure of relationships, and to overlook no one.  FSFT is a marvelous resource and repository and over the course of time we will get it cleaned up, the best we can, as we work together on it in this pre-Millennial period. 

Once we are in the Terrestrial Millennium, more of us will have many fewer distractions and we anticipate being able to get the facts from the ultimate in primary sources, the individuals themselves, who will know the truth and let us get it all done and done right.

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