Wednesday, October 15, 2014

John and Hannah Tack Chandler

John was born about 1815, in Graveley, England, son of John Chandler and Unknown mother.
Hannah was born about 1820, in Graveley, England, daughter of Thomas Tack and Jane (unknown maiden name).

They were married 11 Oct 1842, in Papworth, St. Agnes, England, when he was about 27 and she was about 22.  They had ten children, six of whom lived to older age.  Perhaps only their son Thomas, born 14 Apr 1851, in Graveley, England, married 17 Sep 1873 to Mary (Polly) Catmull, and baptized 15 Jun 1876, at age 25, emigrated to America as a member of the Church. 

John Chandler died 23 Mar 1881, in Offord, Darcy, England, at the age of about 66.
Hannah Tack Chandler died 19 years later, in 1910, at the age of about 90.

They were baptized by proxy 3 Jan 1928, endowed by proxy, John on 20 Jan 1928 and Hannah on 25 Jan 1928.  They were sealed by proxy 22 Mar 1940.  They were sealed to their parents 1 Jul 2002.  

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