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James and Elizabeth Newman Arbon
James Arbon was born 9 Oct 1780 in Hemmingford, Huntingdonshire, England, son so James Arborn and Hannah.  Elizabeth Newman was born 17 May 1787 in Gravely, Cambridgeshire, England, daughter of James Newman and Mary Stevens.  They married 22 Aug 1808 in St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, England.  They had 15 children, 14 of which lived to older life, including Susan, born 30 May 1831.  James died 25 Sep 1864 in Gravely, at the age of 83.  Elizabeth died 19 Jun 1868 in Gravely, at the age of 81.

History of James Arbon (Arborn) and Wife Elizabeth Newman Arbon and Descendants
Contributed By Valene Neel · 2013-10-10

Our first American Arbons are responsible for the short form of our name. The original name was spelled perhaps phonetically by the LDS missionaries. Microfilm records of the Graveley, England church branch along in 1843 gave the spelling in several ways. Areborn, Arebourn, Arbourne, Arborn, Arbon, etc. It is quite within the realm of possibilities that our first American Arbon ancestors settled on the short and easy name Arbon, to avoid confusion of the variety of ways in which it was being spelled at the time of their departure to America. The exact meaning of the name is yet to be learned; however, the name Arbon turns up as the name of a small lake in Switzerland and we have found a number of families in Amsterdam, Holland spelled Arbon in the same way. 

The following is gleaned from records available to the researchers and is not as complete as we would wish. It is our hope that someone among the descendants of this couple might have in their possession more detailed information.
James Arborn later recorded as Arbon, was born about 1782 in Hemmingford, Huntington County, England. The date is arrived at by finding him on record as being 79 years old in the 1861 census. The record of his death shows his death date 25 September 1861 at Graveley, Cambridgeshire, England. Some unconfirmed research shows his father to be a James Arborn of Hemmingsford Abbors, Huntington, England, born about 1763 and a Mrs. Hannah Arbon, his mother. This research is from May B. Findley who recorded that this information came from the Hemmingford Abbot's parish register through correspondence. This research also shows a sister to James. Mary Arborn christened 16 August 1795 and a brother William Arborn born 1785, died 10 August 1804. The baptisms, endowment and sealings have been done for this family. A further bit of research, but to yet be confirmed, shows the Grandfather of James Arborn (1782) as a James Arbon born about 1725 at Croxton, Cambridshire, England and marrying a Ruth Radford of Croxton, Cambridshire, England. A birth date is given for her as 28 November 1728. This information is from Ellen Arbon Robbin's note. The baptisms and temple work have been done for this family also. There is one child only listed for this couple. It is James Arborn who is purported to have married Mrs. Hannah Arbon as referred to above. We hope that further research will still tie these three families together.
James (1782) married Elizabeth Newman, born at St. Ives, Huntingdon, England. The researchers indicate that she was identified to be 67 years old in the 1851 census and 78 years old in the 1861 census. This would place her birth year at 1783 or 1784. Elizabeth died 19 or 22 June at age 78 or 79 years.
Elizabeth Newman Arbon was the daughter of James Newman and Mary Stevens a daughter of Thomas Stevens and Elizabeth Peace. These people were born and most likely buried in St. Ives, Huntingdon, England.
James and Elizabeth must have been vigorous, hard working, and thrifty to have had 15 children and raised all but two of them to maturity, and they to 82 and 85 years old respectfully. Here we can add another fine achievement for in early 1840 to 1843 they received the teachings of the LDS missionaries and became members of the Latter-day Saints Church. One can easily realize their mixed feelings as their children and grandchildren left for America and particularly Utah, USA to join the gathering saints, never to see their parents again.
James and Elizabeth made their living and the necessities of life as tillers of the soil. The records indicate they were classified as “paupers,” which in their day meant they were workers of land, but owned none for themselves, and were dependent on those that did possess it. It is quite remarkable still to realize that at that time the life span of people was between 20 and 30 years. They must have been careful, clean and people of regular and good habits to have 15 children and have lived into the mid 80 years of age. We are only left to imagine what they looked like, and how they lived but we are not without records of their family and their steadfastness of good living and above all their ability to perceive the truths of the gospel of Christ in the latter days, once they were exposed to it by the Latter-day Saint missionaries.
It would seem that James and Elizabeth had their first child, a daughter, Mary, in Henningsford and moved from there to Graveley where they spent the remainder of their long and useful lives. One would assume that other Arborn families were living at Graveley for what records we have found of them to date indicate this; for example here is a small bit of information which reached Utah in later years and is on microfilm. This taken from a part of the Gravesend Branch of the Kent Conference. A bit that survived the long trek across the planes and finally found its way into the Genealogical Society Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. The filmstrip is under Graveley, England, Serial No. 13656 Pt. 26.
James Arborn, Graveley, baptized 26 February 1843; Elizabeth Areborn, Graveley, baptized (no date given) baptized by John Joyce as was James and since Elder Joyce baptized James, Elizabeth must have been baptized the same day as was James. Susan Areborn (born at sea) was baptized 2 April 1843 by John Wheeler as was John Arebourn 25 February 1843and as was Thomas Arebourne 26 February 1843 by Elder John Wheeler. 25 February 1843 John Joyce was baptized Thomas Arebourn, 25 February 1843 Ann Areborn was baptized by John Wheeler, etc. This noticeable note appears, James Arbourne (Hemmingford) baptized 8 April 1849 by John Wheeler, one asks could this possibly be our progenitor, James Arborn. Most likely it is our James Arborn as his first child Mary was born in Hemmingsford in 1810 and the rest of the children at Graveley. Most likely he moved to Graveley soon after 1810 and could be the James baptized by John Joyce 26 February 1843.
Hemmingford, St. Ives and Graveley were small towns some fifty plus miles to the north of London. The following is a brief description of Graveley at about the time our Arbon forebears lived there. This paragraph is taken from Lewis' Topographical Dictionary in England:
Graveley (St. Botolph) a parish, in the union of St. Neot's, hundred of Papworth, County of Cambridge, 6 ½ miles from Caxton, containing 255 inhabitants. The living is a rectory, valued in the king's books at F13.3.4, present net income F312. Patron Master and Fellows of Jesus College, Cambridge. A charity school for 12 children as founded in 1763 by the reverend Henry Trotman.
Records indicate that after the Arborn families began to join the LDS Church commencing in the early 1840s the spirit of gathering in the Rocky Mountains began to work among them and we find them appearing in the territory of Utah in the early 1860s.

Following is the family group sheet of James Arbon (1782) and Elizabeth Newman together with the pictures, family group sheets and histories of the members of this family. Some of the children have no completed sheets. For convenience they are numbered as follows: Mary No. 1, James (who died) No. 2, James Jr. No. 3 and so on down to Charles No. 15. 

Children of James Arbon and Elizabeth Newman other than Susan Arbon with photos or stories on FSFT:

John Cavelor Arborn, 1813-1864, KWJR-KG1  
4 October 1864
Muddy River, Platte, Wyoming, United States

William Arbon, 1817-1895, KWJ7-Q34
5 September 1895
Grantsville, Tooele, Utah, United States

Thomas Arbon, 1823-1872, LWR2-WJT, died in South Australia
Edward Arbon, 1819-1896, KWJK-SKB, died in South Australia

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