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Index of Contributors (other & original writers to be added)

       Samuel Kendall Gifford Life History, Contributed By Robyn · 2013-04-18
       Rhoda Gifford, Contributed By kennethdonlougee · 2013-07-26
       The Life of a Noble Pioneer, Enos Curtis, by Jaydene Buhler, July 10, 1998 (edited by Scott Hepworth)
       Timeline of the Life of Enos Curtis, Contributed By janeenchristensen ·2013-08-02
       John White Curtis, Jr. History, Contributed By RVW · 2013-05-15
       Ezra Houghton Curtis, Contributed By RVW · 2013-05-15
       Life of Ezra Houghton Curtis, Contributed By Janis M. Hardy · 2013-07-29
       CELESTIA CURTIS DURFEE, Contributed By · 2013-10-17
       The Murder of Edmund Durfee, by William G. Hartley, Provo, UT, Nov. 1995, prepared for Albert and Tamma Durfee Miner Family Organization
          A LIFE SKETCH OF EDMUND DURFEE, Contributed By Carl I. Cordingley · 2013-04-18
       Tamma Durfee Miner Curtis, Contributed By Elaine H Wood ·2013-07-13
1     A Young Wife's Terror, Contributed By Elaine H Wood ·2013-08-12
1     Tamma Durfee Miner Curtis, Contributed By Elaine H Wood ·2013-08-12
1     History of Don Carlos Smith Miner, Contributed By Elaine H Wood ·2013-08-22
1     Dolly Durfee Garner - 8 March 1816, Contributed By delberrettgarner1 · 2013-10-14
1    Grandpa Welcome, The Friend/December 1993, by Myrna Hoyt, based on a history written by the author’s grandmother (edited by Scott Hepworth)
1    Welcome Chapman and Susan Amelia Risley, Contributed By Lynn Chapman · 2013-03-30
1    Welcome and Susan Amelia (Risley) Chapman, Contributed By BrendaHebert · 2013-06-08
1    Hyrum Chapman Life Sketch, Contributed By Lynn Chapman · 2013-03-30
       PERSONAL HISTORY OF JOSIAH WILSON HAWKINS, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
2     Joseph Weston and Annis Robinson, Contributed By MikalMcKinnon · 2013-08-04
2     PERSONAL HISTORY OF WILLIAM CARROLL HAWKINS, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
        PERSONAL HISTORY OF HENRIETTA C. C. GERMER, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
       John Cox Family, Notes and Commentary, by Fae Hepworth Winsor, 10/28/13
2     John Arnold Descendants, Contributed By Herb Flindt · 2013-08-05
2     Miller Brothers - Henry, Daniel and James, Contributed By Herb Flindt · 2013-08-05
            Miller Brothers - Henry, Daniel and James, Contributed By Herb Flindt · 2013-08-05
2     A Biography of the Life of Elmira Pond Miller, Contributed By cyndiajohnson · 2013-06
       History of Daniel Arnold Miller, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
       PERSONAL HISTORY OF EDMUND ZEBULON CARBINE, by Julia Aner Carbine (grand-daughter) Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
           PERSONAL HISTORY OF ADELIA RIDER CARBINE by Aulene Carbine Romney, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15 
           OTHER MEMORIES ABOUT ADELIA RIDER by Aulene Carbine Romney compiled with notes with various discussions, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
           LETTER TO ELMIRA D. E. CARBINE FROM ADELIA RIDER CARBINE, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
           William Van Orden Carbine, Contributed By · 2013-10-08
           Brief History of William Van Orden Carbine, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15 
          Personal History of Edmund Z Carbine, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-13
          Personal History of Anna Clementina Hawkins, Contributed By keyre · 2013-07-15
         William Williams, Contributed By MikalMcKinnon ·2013-08-07
          Margaret Pettigreen Hope, Contributed By MikalMcKinnon · 2013-08-07
       Finnetta Ann Williams Allen, Contributed By Marjean A Tew · 2013-03-19
4     MARY ELLEN REED GRAHAM, Contributed By Lorene Whitney · 2013-05-05
4     Christianna Rachel (Read) Weaver, Contributed By Richard E. Rapp ·2013-07-04
            William Benona Graham, Contributed By MikalMcKinnon ·2013-08-07
            WILLIAM THORNTON - 1812-1898 Written by John Thornton, Blackfoot, Idaho
            Joseph Hepworth and Mary Hurst and family, NelLo H. Bassett
            Hepworth, Squire & Dyson, Emily - Mormon Pioneer Companies, Contributed By Mark A. Nye · 2013-10-15
4    History of James Arbon (Arborn) and Wife Elizabeth Newman Arbon and Descendants, Contributed By Valene Neel · 2013-10-10
4     BRIEF HISTORY OF JOHN BRADLEY CATMULL & SUSAN ARBON written by Alvin E. Catmull, Contributed By TracyCatmull · 2013-05-08

       Excerpts from the missionary journal of George Lionel Farrell – missionary to John Bradley Catmull family, Contributed By TracyCatmull · 2013-05-08 

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