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Appendix B – Geographies of these 24 couples and related families in 1820

American (USA) – 10 couples/families
NY, Vermont, MA, Connecticut, Rhode Island, NJ, PA – 9 couples/families
1.      Daniel Parker and Margaret or Peggy Robertson Parker, NH, MA
2.      Alpheus Gifford and Anna Nash Gifford, First Converts Early Period, MA, NY, PA
3.      Edmund Durfee and Magdalena Pickle Durfee, First Converts Early Period, RI
4.      Enos Curtis and Ruth Franklin Curtis, First Converts Early Period, in CN, NY, PA
5.      Benjamin Chapman and Sybil Amidon Chapman, of Vermont and Massachusetts
6.      Elisah Risley and Amelia Milly Matson Risley and family, of Connecticut and New York
7.      John Haines Reed and Christianna Gregory Reed and family, NJ and Pennsylvania
8.      Edmund Zebulon Carbine and Adelia Rider Carbine, First Converts Nauvoo, Cairo, NY
9.      Daniel Arnold Miller and Clarissa Pond Miller, First Converts Nauvoo, NE, Quincy, IL

Kentucky – 1 couple/family
Josiah Wilson Hawkins and Pernecia Jane Lee Adair Hawkins, First Converts Early Period, KY

Europe – 14 couples/families
UK – 13 couples/families
England – 12 couples/families

Yorkshire – 2 couples/families
1.      Richard Hepworth and Hannah Wilkinson Hepworth and family in Yorkshire, England
2.      John George Hurst and Jane Dunwell Hurst and family in Yorkshire, England

North of London – 4 couples/families
1.      William Chandler and Ann Dickenson Chandler and family, near Cambridge
2.      Thomas Tack and Jane Sawyer Tack and family, near Cambridge
3.      William Catmull and Mary Ann Bradley Catmull and family, settled north of London
4.      James Arbon and Elizabeth Newman Arbon and family, settled north of London

West of London – 6 couples/families
1.      William Cox and Elizabeth Turner Cox and family in Gloucestershire
2.      Samuel Roberts and Mary Margrate Roberts and family in Gloucestershire
3.      Robert Bobbett and Hester Goodin Bobbett and family, south of Bristol
4.      Thomas Tyler and Ann Griffin Tyler and family, near Birmingham
5.      William Williams and Charlotte Bolten Williams and family, Wales, and London
6.      Thomas Hope and Martha Harris Hope and family, Wiltshire near Wales and Wales

Northern Ireland – 1 couple/family
1.      Robert Graham and Anna Barrow Graham and family, in Enniskellen, Northern Ireland

Germany – 1 couple/family
1.      Johann Germer and Maria Faasch Germer, First Converts After Saints Arrived in West

All of these ancestors were Caucasian, all of British heritage except the Germans.  

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