Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vision of this Ongoing Work

With no vision, people perish.  This is true for all of us, on many levels.  We want to follow our Savior in going about doing good, choosing the right, seeking to make a meaningful service contribution as we seek to serve our God, to show our love for Him with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength, loving our neighbors as ourselves. 

To that end, we are embarked on compiling as complete and accurate as possible, collaborating however possible, using the best tools and techniques available to us, the best we can, worthwhile accounts of the experiences of our lives and the principles and lessons associated with our learning and our growth, from as many mistakes and failures to as many rejoicings as we can recall and adequately describe.

In the spirit of trying to do more good of our own free will and choice without being commanded in all things, it is our intention to produce Our Story in This Dispensation, our Book of Remembrance, using advances in Internet search, online indexing, tagging, and interactive blogging, to make a humble contribution, and if acceptable, an offering to the Book of Life. 

Themes will include our individual and family efforts to “grow up to the Lord” while “working for a living” and “laboring for Zion.”  Further theming will include “finding the diamonds in our own backyard,” “growing where we're planted,” “exploring and risk taking for the sake of learning and service and progress,” “lifting where we stand” (Uctdorff), suggesting how we can better serve now the best we can, working for Zion, working for a living, and growing up as the Lord would have us, seeking the best we can in this Fallen realm, to trust in the divine intervention of the Atonement, as we strive to follow The Son in seeking to do the will of The Father, abiding in His Covenant. 

Appreciating the value of humor, we will note that the diamonds we have found will not be seen on our fingers, ear lobes, etc.  They are in our hearts, embedded only in our character, contributing to our Treasures in Heaven. 

Our foremost desire is to fervently follow the Lord’s priorities for us, putting Him first in all things, seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness, trusting in Him with all our hearts, leaning not unto our own understanding, acknowledging Him and following His Ways in all things, the best we can.  Our objectives will be to attend to all family duties as we help hasten the work of salvation, through member missionary work, family history and temple work, as well as home teaching, visiting teaching, teaching of the gospel, welfare services, public affairs, JustServe, and everything else associated with building up the Church and Kingdom of God and establishment of Zion.  To that end, commercialization will not be our first objective, but to the degree income is needed, we will trust that with sufficient traction of engagement, the windows of heaven will open to provide sufficient for our needs, to allow us to accomplish the Lord’s purposes. 

No other object but to glorify God...JS 1:46.
Truth from rooftops
Knowledge of the Lord to cover earth like seas
All truth shall be made known
Book of Life
An offering acceptable unto the Lord

Be like our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ, Enoch, Abraham, Joseph in Egypt, Joseph Smith, President Monson, and do the will of the Father of us all, abiding in His Covenant.

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