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Lorraine’s Griffin and Wilson Ancestral Families

First Converts
·         G2 Aylwin William Griffin born 8 Aug 1919, married 26 Jul 1941 (age 21), baptized 28 Mar 1953 (age 33), died 7 Oct 1993 (age 74), Melbourne, Australia.
·         G2 Mary Ann Forsyth Wilson born 19 Oct 1921, married 26 Jul 1941 (age 19), baptized 28 Mar 1953 (age 31), died 15 May 1981 (age 59), Melbourne, Australia.
The Griffin Family

In the Spring of 1820, John Griffin (EOL) was 15 years old, living, we can speculate, with his parents and siblings, whoever they were, at or near his birth place in Luppitt, Devon, England, about 60 miles southwest of Bristol.  10-year old Jane Baker (EOL) may have been living with her family at or near her birthplace in Dunkeswell, Devon, England, just 2 miles west of Luppitt.  They married ten years later, ~1830, and in Combe Raleigh, Devon, England, 3 miles south of Luppitt, had six children, at least two that lived to maturity, and one, Charles Henry Griffin, ended up in Victoria, Australia. 

Across the Atlantic, 1000 miles west of New York City, in Nauvoo on the Sunday, 10 Apr 1842, Charles Henry Griffin was born in England, the Prophet Joseph “preached in the Grove, and pronounced a curse upon all adulterers, and fornicators, and unvirtuous persons….Joseph the Seer arose in the power of God; reproved and rebuked wickedness before the people, in the name of the Lord God…. (saying) If you wish to go where God is, you must be like God, or possess the principles which God possesses, for if we are not drawing towards God in principle, we are going from Him and drawing towards the devil. … Search your hearts, and see if you are like God.  I have searched mine, and feel to repent of all my sins.  … A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge, and consequently more power than many men who are on the earth.  Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” (HC Vol 4, p 588)

Charles Henry Griffin left England for Australia and at age 26 married 17-year old Alta Edith Heath in Ballarat in 1868 and had a son 15 Aug 1869 named Charles Henry Griffin who in 1891 married Elizabeth Faull Rodda and had a son 1892 named Charles George Griffin who in 1915 married Eliza May Bloxham and had Ronald Charles Griffin, 1918-1923, and Allan Griffin, 1919-1992, for whom we have no more information.

Charles Henry Griffin born 1842 in Combe Raleigh, Devon, England, who came to Australia and married Alta Edith Heath, at some point left Ballarat and at age 37 in Hotham, Victoria (Melbourne), he married 25-year old Emilie Elizabeth Cockerell.  We await confirming docs (Fiona Every referred Lorraine 22 Aug 2013 to’41 census, Sarah Baker, Peggy, reporting) of a court case brought by ______ where he was found guilty of bigamy and served two years of hard labour in prison.  The rest of that story will be shared once we have it.

A boy named Charles Clement Baker, 1875-1878, who lived only 3 years, shows as a child of Charles and Emilie.  They also had Amelia Griffin, 1881-1897, who died at age 16.  And they had William Henry Griffin, 1883-1961, and Matilda Emilie Griffin, 1885-1962.  Matilda Emilie married Robert Arthur Mooney, 1893-1960, in Apr 1937.  We show no children, but this needs research.  William Henry Griffin at age 18 married 20-year old Alberta Henietta Knorr on 25 Mar 1902 in Melbourne.  They had:

Frances Emily Christina Griffin, 1902-1986, KJ47-SP2
Carl Henry Griffin, 1904-1992, KJW1-H24
Philip Aylwin Griffin, 1913-2008, KV76-X99
Aylwin William Griffin, 1919-1993, KWKM-H3C, who married Mary Ann Forsyth Wilson, had Lorraine Joan Griffin and siblings, and joined the Church as first converts.
Coral Alberta Griffin, 1921-2006, KWRR-KXD

The Cockerell Family

In the Spring of 1820, 31-year old James Cockerell and 28-year old Elizabeth Ann Aylwin Cockerell were living in London (Southwark, Surrey, England).  Their first baby, Elizabeth Ann, had been born 3 years earlier, but died young, and their second baby, James Thomas Cockerell, would be born a year later, and live to maturity in Melbourne, Australia.  Six other children would be born in London to James and Elizabeth, but not live to maturity, the entire family, except for James Thomas, not leaving London. 

Also in the Spring of 1820, 31-year old William Watts (EOL) and 27-year old Elizabeth Tall (EOL), both having been born just north of Bristol in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England, may have been living in Wilshire, about 50 southeast of Berkeley, and just over 100 miles west of London, because in 1828 there they had Anna Watts who at 19 married 26-year old James Thomas Cockerell in London, 2 years after his father had died, and 2 years before his mother died.  They had 13 children, 9 that lived to maturity.  Their first two boys were born before they left for Australia, in Newtown, England and/or Newtown, Montgomery, Wales, but the others were born in Melbourne, starting 24 Jul 1852 with Frederick Robert, who died after about six months.  Their second born in Australia, and first daughter, is Emilie Elizabeth Cockerell, who at age 25, married Charles Henry Griffin without knowing he was already married. 

The German Families

In Spring 1820, Engel Gerdruth Niemann, who 7 years earlier had married Johann Anton Ludewig Luetjerding, was 40 years old with a 4-year old girl named Maria Christiana Luetjerding, who was born in Arfrade, S.H. Germany, which may be on the northwest outskirts of Lubeck.  They also had a toddler under 2 who later married a man and had a son in Lubeck, Germany.  They may have also had a 6-year old, if this only son and firstborn was still living, and Engel may have been expecting because she had another girl 26 Nov 1820. 

This 4-year old, Maria, grew up and married Christoph Knorr (no dates), but he may have brought children from an earlier marriage because they are shown on FSFT with 4 children, born from 1813 to 1827.  The first born is Cathrina Margaretha, born Curau, Oldenburg, Germany, just a few miles further north on the outskirts of Lubeck, but she shows no spouse or children or death date.  The second child, Anna Maria, shows being married in 1839 to Jacob Deubel and having 3 girls. 

We don’t know, but might assume that Christoph and Maria died in Germany.  But Christoph and Maria’s only boy, Christoph Freidrich Knorr, born 22 July 1820 in Arfrade, married Christina Elizabeth Drevson in ~1845 in Curau.  They had three girls and two boys near Lubeck.  They and one of their girls, Louise Magdalena Henriette Knorr and both boys, moved to Australia.  In 1875, in Melbourne, the older boy, 24-year old Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Knorr, married 20-year old Emma Agnes Smith, born in Aston, Warwickshire, England, and they had six children, five that lived to maturity, including Alberta Henrietta Knorr, who married William Henry Griffin and had Aylwin William Griffin.  Christoph Freidrich and Christina Elizabeth Drevson’s younger boy, Georg Heinrich Friedrich Knorr, married Sarah Jane Kearney in 1878 in Melbourne and had Ada Eva Amelia Knorr who married Albert Edgar Callaway, both dying in Melbourne in 1961 (no children shown). 
Christoph and Maria’s youngest, Johanna Christiane Wilhelmina Knorr, born 1827, must have left with her brother for Australia since she married Heinrich Christian Ludwig Fiedler about 1846 in South Australia, and had a boy and a girl.

The Smith and Price Families

In Spring of 1820, James Smith and 21-year old Maris Morris, born in Pilsbury, Northamptonshire, England, had been married and living 100 miles northwest of London in Sheldon, Warwickshire for 2 ½ years, and by that time had had one child named Joseph Smith.  They had six others, including one named Samuel Smith, and James Smith, who about 1850, at age 28, married 32-year old Emma Price in England, and in a few years had three little girls which they took to Australia, the youngest dying in the Melbourne Immigration Depot 13 Mar 1858.  Their middle girl, Emma Agnes Smith, entered Australia a week after turning three.  At the age of 20, she married Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Knorr and eventually became grandparents of Aylwin William Griffin.

In Spring of 1820, 32-year old William Price and 30-year old Eleanor Beedle were living in Westbury, Shropshire, England, west of Birmingham, near Wales, having been married for eight years and having had three children, with at least their 2-year old Emma Price still living, and five more yet to come.   Emma would grow up and marry James Smith in 1850, have three little girls and take them to Australia.

The Wilson Family

The Wilson family around Spring of 1820 needs serious research.

All we know from FSFT about G6 James Wilson (EOL) and G6 Janet Malcolm (EOL) is that she was born in Aberdeen, Scotland about 1807, making her about 13 in the Spring of 1820, but since their only shown child, William Wilson, is shown as having been born about 1779 in Aberdeen, before the birth of his mother Janet, we have a problem requiring research. 

All we know about David Grant (EOL) and Margaret Ross (EOL) is that they married 7 May 1831 in Aberdeen, just over a year after the Church was organized, but FSFT shows their daughter, Margaret Grant, having been born 40 years before her parents married. 

So these EOL parents don’t have data to support them being the parents of G5 William Wilson, 1779-1851 and G5 Margaret Grant, 1789-1851.  If, as shown they were married about 1820, matching our point of reference of Spring 1820, they would have been 41 and 31, not out of the question, but their DOD is before their children were born and their DOB makes them too old to have children.     

We know our information is correct about Lorraine’s mother, Mary Ann Forsyth Wilson, and her parents, William Wilson, 1898-1980, and Jane Ross Booth Masson, 1899-1930, and that the parents of William Wilson, 1898-1980, are William Wilson, 1872-1919, and Elizabeth Forsyth McIntosh, 1878-1961.  Lorraine’s mother’s paternal grandparents had their son William, her father, when they were 26 and 20, their next son, Alexander McIntosh Wilson, 1902-1977, when they were 30 and 24, and their Daughter Wilson, 1911-Deceased, when they were 39 and 33, all in Aberdeen. 

William Wilson, 1872-1919, shows having a brother, 1870-Deceased, but William Wilson, 1779-1851, and Margaret Grant, 1789-1851, could not be the parents at those dates, since parents cannot die before the children are born, and even if their 1851 death dates are wrong, being 93 and 83 at the birth of their son is not reasonable. 

We do not know the grandparents or great grandparents of Elizabeth Forsyth McIntosh, 1878-1961, who were living in the Spring of 1820, but her parents, G5 Alexander McIntosh, 1852-Deceased (EOL) who on 17 Feb 1877 married G5 Mary Ann Forsyth, 1856-Deceased (EOL) would have been 26 and 22 when she was born in Aberdeen.         

The Masson Family

The best we can guess at for the Masson Family in Spring of 1820 is that G6 James Masson (EOL) and G6 Margaret Cable (EOL) were at least alive if not adults, because their son, G5 Alexander Masson was born about 1836, 16 years into this dispensation.  As a 23-year old, on 12 Aug 1859, he married 21-year old Ann Williamson.   They had nine children, but only Adam Williamson Masson, 1867-1950 (a life of 83 years in Aberdeen), is shown with death date, spouse, and children.

The McPherson Family

In the Spring of 1820, Paul McPherson, 1783-1858, shown as the only child of John McPherson (EOL) and Elspat Gordon (EOL), no dates, was 37 and Catherine Christie (EOL), 1790-1895, was 30, living in Aberdeen, Scotland, and at those ages, were probably already married, and likely had children, but we know only of son Paul McPherson, 1824-1875, born four years into this dispensation. 

Paul married Margaret Laing (EOL) in 1847, but we have no other dates for Margaret, and show only James as their child.  At age 25, James McPherson, 1844-1889, married 17-year old Jane Ann York (EOL) on 12 Jun 1869 in Aberdeen.  They had Margaret Ann Mary Cecilia McPherson, 1870-1918, and Ann McPherson, 1872-Deceased.

21-year old Margaret Ann Mary Cecilia McPherson married 24-year old Adam Williamson Masson and had nine children in Aberdeen, seven living to maturity.  Besides Lorraine’s maternal grandmother, Jane Ross Booth Masson Wilson, only two other sisters show as having married.  Her 2-year younger sister, Margaret Ann Masson, married 24-year old George Chivas and had Jim Chivas, 1923-1996, who shows no spouse or children.  And her 4-year younger sister, Catherine Kerr Ross Booth Masson, married Alexander Smith Morrison, 1904-1987, and had Alexander Adam Morrison, 1928-2009.

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