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Agnes Smith Parker, 2nd wife of Henry William Babbitt
Compiled by Scott Hepworth, 11/20/13
Agnes Smith Parker, 1818-1893, K27T-82M, was confirmed a member of the Church at age 21 on 1 June 1840, in or near Carlisle, England, then three years later married William Armstrong, 1816-1849, KWV5-CQ1, on 23 Dec 1843 at St. Mary's, Carlisle, Cumberland, England.  They had James in 1844, Annie in 1846, and then lost their third baby Robert in 1847 shortly after birth.  Then they sailed from 29 Jan to 2 Apr of 1849, from England to New Orleans, with their two little ones.  Less than three months after arriving in America, 3-year old Annie died in St. Louis on 28 Jun 1849, then less than two months later, husband and father, William, died 22 Aug 1849 in St. Louis, leaving Agnes a widow at age 30 with 4-year old James and pregnant with their fourth.  Did daughter Annie and father William die of contagious illness?  Agnes no doubt knew she was in her first trimester of pregnancy with William John Armstrong, 1850-1934, K27T-6GZ, who would marry Johanna Marie Wickman (of Denmark), 1865-1892, K2HB-XKT, on 22 Jan 1890, in Manti, Sanpete, Utah.  And Agnes still had 4-year old James Armstrong, 1844-1915, KWJC-WZ9, who would cross the plains with her and on 4 Aug 1871, in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, would marry Anna Kirstena Olsen (of Denmark), 1851-1946, KWJC-9FG.

After about five years of being a single mother of two little boys, ages 5 and 9, no doubt surviving in the St. Louis area, Agnes was able to join a company to cross the plains, one led by ~40-year old Henry William Babbitt, and at some point in 1855, she married him as his 2nd wife in plural marriage.  At this time, Henry William and Elizabeth's only living child was ~13-year old Richard Babbitt.  Elizabeth's desire to have her husband Henry William have another wife reminds us of Sarah and Abraham and Rachel and Jacob.  To this merged family of 13-year old, 9-year old, and 5-year old boys, was added a baby girl, with Agnes's successful delivery of Helen Eldredge Armstrong, 1856-1939, K2QX-WZ3, giving her the married name of her widowed mother as a last name.  Helen would eventually marry on 7 June 1890 in Paso del Norte, Mexico, Brigham Young Jr, 1836-1903, KWCD-MCK, and on 20 March 1891, in Baltimore, MD, they had Joseph Angell Moses Young, 1891-1916, KWCF-FQ1, who on ______, at _______, would marry Clara Harriet Edmunds,1890-1968, KWCF-F79, and they had Don Earl Young, 1910-1926, LHT1-QYV (who would only live to the age 16), followed by Reva Clara Young,1911-1989, KWCF-F3F, then Thelma Lydia Young, 1914-2001, KWZ2-3FC.  Joseph Angell Moses Young passed away at age 25, leaving his 26-year old wife a widow with a 6-year old boy, a 5-year old girl, and a 2-year old girl.  These girls each grew up and married. 

Reva Clara Young, 1911-1989, KWCF-F3F, married William Arnison Hoskisson, 1907-1994,KWCF-F3Z, on 22 September 1932, in Salt Lake City.
Thelma Lydia Young, 1914-2001, KWZ2-3FC, married Donald Pierre Wilkes, 1909-1991, KHJ8-HRZ, on 28 Oct 1934, in Salt Lake City. 

Henry William Babbitt, 1815-1867, MG5X-9PR, and Elizabeth Tyler, 1817-1916, KWVW-D2M are my great great great grandparents, and to my knowledge, the first converts in their families.  They had sixteen children (FSFT only shows 14, my older PAF showed 16) with only two surviving infancy.  Their first was Richard Babbitt, KWNF-GG9, 2 July 1842, born in Dublin, Ireland.  The next six, all born in England, all died young, and before William and Elizabeth were baptized.  The only other child that lived to maturity was Evelina Lovina Babbitt, 1858-1947, KWJZ-VPX, born 22 February 1858, at Call's Fort Twp, Box Elder, Utah, and married on 6 Sep 1875 to Samuel Pegular Cornell, 1850-1927, KWNR-WZS. 

Richard Babbitt, 1842-1917, KWNF-GG9, married Fidelia Chapman, 1846-1909, KWNF-GG3, and they had Eliza Lovina Babbit, 1883-1950, KWZ9-YXR, who married William Chandler, 1882-1954, KWZ9-YXY.  They had Lona Chandler, 1907-1997, KWC2-VHR, who married Joseph Hepworth, 1901-1993, KWC2-VH5, my paternal grandparents, and had my father, Joseph Leland Hepworth,1925-2008, KWH3-PF2, who married my mother, Anna Mae Graham, 1928-1985, KWH3-PFP.  

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